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Anton Lipkanu

Head of Strategy & Global Operations, DELVE

Betsy Sellars

Head of Media, DELVE

Webinar: Amazon DSP (Demand-side Platform)

Discover New Amazon Programmatic Display Platform to Drive Better Sales for Your Brand

Amazon Programmatic Display Platform

Reach High Intent Audiences and Drive Conversions to Your Website

90% of the product searches on are abandoned. Now, Brands can target people who started - but abandoned - their cart on, with the Amazon DSP (i.e. Amazon Demand Side Platform). Amazon Programmatic Display platform ingests's valuable in-market and high-intent Audiences, which enables the Amazon's DSP to generate a high ROI in Programmatic Advertising.

Amazon Demand Side Platform is the only DSP that has access to's high-intent Audiences. 

How does the Amazon DSP advertising work? With the Amazon DSP advertising, Brands can:
- show display and video Ad Units to people who didn't complete relevant purchases on
- serve those Ad Units on any website - outside of
- take the click to and convert customers on the Brand's website.

In this webinar DELVE experts will cover:

  • What is the Amazon's DSP, and how is it different from selling on
  • What are Amazon DSP’s Data and Media buying capabilities? 
  • How does using Amazon Demand Side Platform differ from Google Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, and other DSP's 
  • Why is Amazon's DSP a great supplement for Brands?
  • What performance or ROI does Amazon DSP advertising deliver?