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The Leaders' Way to Effective Marketing Transformation

From Technology and Data  to Winning Marketing Strategy


The urgency of first-party data-driven marketing transformation keeps growing. Brands need to deliver the hyper-digitized, hyper-personalized and hyper-relevant experiences that consumers expect. Regulatory changes around user privacy — and deprecation of third-party data — change the game on how brands can make meaningful connections and personalized experiences. Now, marketing leaders are staring down a potential recession that further threatens loyalty — and squeezes marketing budgets.

How are forward-thinking marketing leaders attacking this challenge?

Our CMO survey report brings you insights from 300 CMOs in the U.S. and Europe, including:

  • How the CMO role is evolving into Chief Digital Officer
  • Why many personalization strategies aren’t delivering expected results
  • Why first-party data-driven strategies are essential to success
  • Where the right MarTech is most critical — and what to look for
  • How to get started, build momentum and accelerate marketing transformation